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    Any jobs, anywhere?

    Healthjobsnationwide.com.... All 50 states...search for immediate jobs... Some of my friends says it worked for them...Hope it helps!!!

    How I got my first Job as an RN

    Hi Y'all, I am Lori from SC, Central Savannah River Area or CSRA for locals here. I am close to Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, SC. I must admit I thought I would never get hired. The best thing I ever did to get a job is visit my college's Career center. They helped me to build an excellent resume, Cover letter, and letter of reference. I contacted ALL of my professors and advisors to ask for references and ask who might have contacts to find jobs. Many referred me but for months nobody wanted new grads. I applied for every and any job that would take me. I prayed for even a cruddy job. Then I realized something. What job would take new grads. I called all 4 of the major hospitals in my area (and some smaller ones) and just called HR and asked...What positions would consider hiring new graduates? Many ignored me and referred me to websites and blah blah blah but some told me what to look for. Apply for ones that only require the experiences found in the scope of nursing school. That left mainly Med-surge...Tooo blah for me but I noticed ...OB, Oncology and ortho also tended to hire new grads once in a blue moon. I found a local hospital that had an ortho Neuro floor. I did clinicals one floor below. I called HR and I explained who I was and just explained I had applied and asked if there was anything else I could do to expidite or improve chaces of being hired by their facility. Admittedly I bugged the daylights out them (nicely and professionally)! I learned the names of all Rn recruiters and I even put an in person visit in. By day 5 I was emailed a test for hiring (basically a how honest and friendly and level headed are you). Right after I took it I was interviewed. During the interview I explained that I wanted to achieve critical care nursing but wanted to put my foot in the door and improve my assessment and nursing skills, and would take any shift necessary to begin my career... smiled my face off and boom....I was hired a week later. I am working Ortho-Neuro cross training on several other things...On track for ACLS and more training.... It happens in an instant....Be persistant but professional and never give up.....If you have to start med surge or other ( that hold no interest) remember most (not all)facilities consider you an internal candidate after 6 mos and you can trnsfer usually with high preference.... You can and will do this....If you can graduate RN School and pass the NCLEX... You can rule!!!! For all you Bible belt folk like me....Remember....God's timing is perfect!!! Best of luck to all my compatriots!