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  1. stace75

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    5 out of 25? That sounds awfully low! I did not think AD1 was that bad. I got 90s on test 1 and 3 and a 70-something on test 2 but also had a death in the family. The final was brutal, but I passed it. I do know that after our class got through, the teacher made it super hard!! My advice is to read the book. Know it inside and out, make the best scores you can on the regular exams so that you have room to not do as well on the final. She had questions on the final that we did not go over in class. The good news is that we have lost very few people after AD1. If you can get through that class, you are pretty good!
  2. stace75

    Transferring to Southwest From Union University

    I am about to graduate from Southwest and have also had all of my clinicals at Methodist, Baptist, and the Med. My very first clinical was at Methodist on a cardiac floor 6 weeks in. I considered that an immediate clinical in a major hospital. All of the other clinicals that semester were at Methodist or the VA. Sorry msturn75, I also have to question where you are getting your info. I read your post about your friend having class on M-W. Like the person said that responded, classes are on T-Thurs???? As for the classes being self taught, that is mostly coming from people in the first semester. Truthfully, I think that is because there is SO much material you are expected to know. I have done very well in the program. I read the book in AD1, but feel like everything else has been presented in class or provided in notes. I barely opened my book in some classes and got an A! Information throughout the program builds on each other. In Adult Health 2, you have to remember the stuff you learned in Foundations or AD1. They aren't going to teach it again. I have never had to write a paper or wear white shoes with no color. We did a health fair in ADH1 so that was the only project we did and it wasn't that difficult. That is all the Foundations teacher!!! (It was team taught with the current Foundations teacher and someone else who was the course coordinator) I have friends at Baptist, Memphis, Union, and NW and they all complain about the same things as SW students!! Too much material, not taught to me well enough, teacher is a jerk, clinical stinks, etc. Consider it paying your dues!! I finish in 3 weeks and frankly none of that stuff matters anymore. The only thing that matters now is NCLEX. Since SW is the only school in the area that has a 100% pass rate, I'm not too worried about that!! AND everybody who graduated last semester got a job!!