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    giving oral meds to skilled fighters

    With a baby / toddler try, sitting down ( more stability) with the child being held in adults arms tip them up slightly, (head lower) they tend to swallow. Stickers sometimes work along with a chart to show how well they have done. Always ask the parent they know the child better than anyone !
  2. K Lambourne

    Diapers in Older Children

    maybe working in a PICU is the answer ? I've worked mainly on paeds ward but have on ocassion take shifts on PICU and things there are different. PICU are used to sedated patients and are usually more regimented. It may be that the nurse is just used to toileting children using foley's and nappies being easier for her ? maybe you could ask her ? Personally i think it can be as quick to use the comode if the patient is able plus this could be a way of maintaining some normality in what is an alien environment for the patient. The older child might possibly feel embrassed wearing nappies ? I don't know how it works where you are but in the UK we like to give the patients a choice where we can. keep everyone happy !!!