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  1. wildcatwant

    University of Kentucy-2nd Degree BSN

    Decembergrad2011, Since you have spent alot of time at UK, can you please tell me of your experience at UK in their program? Why did you end up choosing UK? If I were living an hour away, would it be worth my time/expense to drive past EKU and go to UK everyday? I have heard some mixed reviews of the program at EKU and am wondering if UK would be my best experience?
  2. wildcatwant

    University of Kentucy-2nd Degree BSN

    This is great information. I have resolved that with 3.6-3.8 GPA's needed to get into these 2nd Degree Options that I am probobly going to have to go the traditional BSN route, which will not be too bad since I will have my prereq's done before I attend, thus making it a 6 semester route as opposed to a 8 or longer one. Anybody else thinking along these lines?
  3. wildcatwant

    University of Kentucy-2nd Degree BSN

    Hi all, I am about to graduate from the Universty of Alabama with a B.S. however I have known for a little while that I do not want to pursue employment in my major's field. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through or are going through the University of Kentucky's 2nd degree BSN program. Application, interview, GPA, and any other information you know of, have heard, etc is welcome. I will graduate with a 3.2 GPA and am finishing up my prereqs to apply in August 2011 for the program. Any info out there?