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  1. JennyJo22

    Rapid Response VS Code Blue?

    Okay so I'm sure this is a silly question but it is really bugging me. But as they say "there is no such thing as a stupid question". I hope. What is the difference between a Rapid Response and a Code Blue? I work on a tele floor now as a tech and there have been plenty of Codes and RR but I can't figure out the difference. I understand a code blue is when a patient has difficulty breathing, stops breathing, etc and I've been in situations where patients are unresponsive/pass out and they call rapid response. Also a nurse on the floor just the other day said to me, after a patient had "coded" and was transferred to ICU, "I called a code and it ended up turning into a rapid response". This confused me even more. ??????. Is there a difference in the nurses responsibility in either a code blue vs rapid response? I'd just like to clarify seeing as I will be taking NCLEX soon and working on the floor shortly after, and when I am presented with different situations I need to know what to call!!!
  2. JennyJo22

    Survive and Dominate the NCLEX - The Krav Maga Approach

    What is the "Pearson Trick" you mentioned? Does it tell you if you've passed NCLEX before you officially find out?