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  1. maverik09

    Math question: Required Statistics Course?

    While I do agree with your statement RNbyDesign, I was simply trying to help out the OP by giving my advice on the graduate stats class, and yes, there are several schools that require a graduate "inferential" stats class for admittance. I was just relaying on a math level where I stood comparatively to the OP. However, I didn't ask why the OP had Cal II, I can only reason they were some sort of science/math major prior to making the decision to become a nurse, kind of like myself, hence the reason for that particular level of math. But again, I do agree with your statement, and if that was intended for the OP, then please disregard.
  2. maverik09

    Math question: Required Statistics Course?

    First of all, this should probably be in the Pre-CRNA inquiry, but I'll go ahead and give my . In the area that I am from I know that an undergraduate statistics course is pretty much required for admittance to any BS Nursing program. Now, from my personal experience and what I basically now relay to my friends that are looking to get into CRNA school and are going back for their BS, take graduate stats immediately following your undergrad stats class, although I was about 7 or 8 years removed from the undergrad class, I feel like they were nearly identical to one another. While I personally didn't feel that undergrad or graduate stats was that hard, I also had Cal I-III and felt that those weren't extremely difficult either, but you know how you are with math, and I can pretty much guarantee with certainty that if you have problems or dislike undergrad stats, you're probably going to feel the exact same way with graduate stats, the concepts displayed do not really change. As far as the "inferential" aspect, just look through your graduate bulletin and find the stats class that says you'll be using inferential concepts in the class and that'll probably just about cover any requirement to get into a school that requires "inferential" stats. Of course, e mail the secretary or director with the class description and they'll run it by whoever it has to be run by and typically they'll give you a yes or no. I hope this helps.
  3. maverik09

    Newman University Students or Graduates

    I didn't personally go there, but one of the CRNAs that I've shadowed went there as well as a nurse that I worked with for a couple of years (he'll finish at the end of this summer.) Both have had nothing but positive things to say about the program. I think both chose that program because the travel associated with each program was very limited and both knew the educational benefits that came from attending that program. Again, I can't answer the very specifics, and for that I do apologize, but I do think that you'll enjoy the program and you'll definitely get your money's worth when it comes to a quality education.
  4. maverik09

    Im in @ MTSA

    I had a buddy that applied there and was put on the alt list, he was saying that they required a 5k deposit to hold your seat, is this true?
  5. maverik09

    Cedars-Sinai Review

    Please post a little more to help certain individuals that may be thinking of taking assignments at this particular facility. As an educated individual I would like to make an educated decision based on facts. Please tell me where you worked, why you didn't like it, what was done that made you feel you were treated unfairly or poorly. I am not currently interested in accepting an assignment there, but I am interested in accepting an assignment with Kaiser, and I currently see the same types of vague responses. I am trying to make an educated decision based upon Kaiser facilities, but I see no specific evidence as to why I should not accept an assignment other than vague generalizations. Under my general ideas, I would say that most people would find the particular unit that I work in to be a rather difficult unit to work in simply because it is completely mixed, we see everything, and sometimes we have patients that would be one on one in some facilities, but they aren't in our specific facility (this is only a generalization as stated from nurses that have left our ICU to travel and come back), so, please elaborate in your reasoning because as travel nurses, any help would be greatly appreciated by all travel nurses.
  6. maverik09

    Travel assignment in Santa Clara - Kaiser

    Thanks for the information, I'll actually be out there without my fiance, who is also a nurse, hoping just to work. So, although I assume the area is probably pretty fun, I can't say that I'll be really enjoying all of the major benefits. I have heard horror stories about Kaiser, but I can't say that anyone has given me anything specific. I guess this will be my shot and I'll see how it goes. It's CVICU, but I've been warned that I'll be floated to ICU, step down, and tele. It'll be in my contract that I won't float to anywhere besides those areas, and I'm thinking of putting in a clause that I won't float more than once a night, simply because I've heard that some travelers float multiple times a shift. I'm really not ok with that; floating, I'm ok with, floating multiple times with multiple patients, it's just poor continuity of care.
  7. I was just wondering if anyone had any personal experience with this facility, it is for the the CVICU. Thanks in advance.