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    New RN with needed advice

    Hi, my fellow nurses!!! My name is Sheri and I got my license in August of this year. I was extremely nervous and excited. I'm currently looking for jobs but I'm having conflicting feelings about where I want to work and scared to put myself out there to work. I know everyone says that its normal to feel like you are not ready to work but it feels like I'm scared to the 10th power. In nursing school I was the quite one who didnt want to be called and I now regret not taking full advantage of the opportunities I had in school. I feel less prepared because of that and the fact that I didnt get a chance to do an internship or have any experince in the nursing field nor do I have anyone I know personally that can help me overcome this fear. I just need some encouragement and ideas of where is the best place to start since I an so nervous. I dont feel like I'm ready to be in the hospital yet. And yet sometimes I feel like I need to push myself in order to find out if I'm ready. Replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sheri =)