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  1. peds_mike

    Is Your Hospital Doing Something Similar?

    Right. I have no problem with it, but it is the other foods that we are not addressing. Or, maybe that will be later. They are still going to be selling drinks and juices that contain sugar, and of course, candy bars, chips, etc. As for the smoking ban, our facility has a park across the main drive from it...maybe 50 feet from the hospital. This is where all the parents go to smoke. You have to walk by the smokers to get to the building, and by the time you get there, you smell of smoke and your lungs are cursing you. Sometimes, I just want to hold my breath and walk or run by quickly. I am sure that would turn out well.
  2. peds_mike

    Nervous student in need of encouragement from experienced RN

    If I can add something, mistakes are going to happen. I'd like for one nurse out there to say, "I've never made a mistake." If they say that, they are only fooling themselves. Mistakes don't always mean "death." If you are working for a facility that is truly dedicated to the health and care of children, they will make sure you have the tools in place to make you successful. It is when nurses decide to take shortcuts, become cocky, overconfident, complacent, and choose not to use the resources available to them that most mistakes occur. If you are diligent and professional, you will continue to build your knowledge base and critical thinking.
  3. peds_mike

    Can I go from ADN to BSN degree?

    My wife is Masters Level, CCRN who has over 25 years of critical care and management experience. She states that, in the very near future, the BSN is going to be viewed as the standard for nursing. There are so many RN to BSN programs out there, and a lot of them feature most of the work being done online in a distance learning environment. I don't know that you absolutely need to have ICU experience for CRNA school, as I know a CRNA who went from a BSN program to CRNA without ICU experience and had no problems at all. Just do some research.
  4. peds_mike

    Followed MD Order--Now Do I Look Incompetent?

    Agree with the posts. You did the right thing, and it sounds as though the Step Down unit wanted to be on an Acuity Holiday for awhile. Just as a sidebar, if my best judgment tells me that I am not in total agreement with the Docs, I always contact the Charge RN or other Clinical Leader to talk about it. However, I work in a facility where we are fortunate to have a working relationship with the Docs that allow us to address these issues one-to-one. It doesn't always work out the way we want, but at least the Docs listen. And, we have fully advocated for our patients. Our facility also has a protocol that allows us to bypass the Doc and go higher if necessary to address issues that we feel might be a bit troublesome with no fear of retaliation for doing so.
  5. Effective the first of the new year, our hospital (a childrens hospital) will be eliminating sugared soft drinks from our facility. That means from dietary, from food court vendors, from the cafeteria, from vending machines, etc. It is part of a new initiative to address the concerns of child obesity and its affect and the overall and future health of children. As employees, we will now have to supply our own drinks if we want those of the contraband variety:D. However, for parents, this may be big issue. They will have to bring their own or leave the hospital to get it if they want. Sometimes, this is not always easy. Any others out there with a facility that is doing something similar? What has your experience been?
  6. Get used to the bullying. It will probably never stop. We were always told in nursing school that nursing is one of those professions that is known for "eating its young." I found that, going through my orientation with a seasoned veteran, could be challenging, but I never backed down and stood up for myself. However, my preceptor was always professional, which sounds like your preceptor was not. Glad to hear that, overall, your meeting went well. During your med admin times, place yourself in a "No Distraction Zone." Focus on the task at hand, and don't let others pull you from that. We use this principle at our hospital, and believe me, it works.
  7. peds_mike

    First Time As a RN

    This is my first registration to the site as a RN. I was registered before while still in school. Have been in nursing for 1+ year, and enjoying it very much.