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  1. backflipx2

    Navy hopefuls waiting for ODS date/Station

    Farawaysoclose, Yeah thanks for the info. I actually spoke with my recruiter yesterday and he mentioned that my packet was with the boards now, which he said made me lucky because some people submitted their packet in Feb and still were not sitting with the boards...so I guess we shall see..He did mention that they are backed up from last year. I definitely have a back up plan to get experience and then hopefully if I get selected start my career with the Navy. Good luck in January.
  2. backflipx2

    Navy hopefuls waiting for ODS date/Station

    Farawaysoclose, by me asking you if your recruiter contacted you..I mean did he call you and let you know you were accepted? did he says how many they took or if their were any slots left? Thanks
  3. backflipx2

    Navy hopefuls waiting for ODS date/Station

    Farawaysoclose, That is excellent news for you...I understand your hesitant to share you email on a public forum thats why I posted mine and you can email me..Did you hear from you recruiter?? ..I am guessing I did not get selected if you found out and I did not..my account will not let me private message for some reason. That is great you got San Diego..It is an amazing hospital as I live in San Diego and did my nursing school in San Diego.
  4. backflipx2

    Navy hopefuls waiting for ODS date/Station

    hello Farawaysoclose, I have been following the threads about Navy Nurse selection and ODS..I to am waiting to hear back if I got selected from the last committee meeting..It seems like you also have been waiting awhile as have I..have you heard anything?? what is your email so we can exchange stories there as well..
  5. backflipx2

    US Navy Nurse Active Duty board 10/22

    Hello fellow nurses, This is in response to everyone post. I to applied to the Navy Nurse Corps and am awaiting to see if I get selected. However it seems like you guys have a couple years of nursing experience where I am just a new grad. I am not sure if that means I stand less of a chance getting selected, I hope not. If anyone has heard anything I would be greatly appreciated if you share. Good luck to everyone. I know there is about 4-6 people from my region that applied. I am from California. Thanks Jennie