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  1. NurseAuntowl

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    We had a long-term pt. with an osotomy bag that required emptying every hour (or more) OR ELSE. It exploded on a regular basis - the first time it was noteworthy for a new nurse, but after that it just became routine. They ought to make those things with a one-way gas valve - 30 cc's of fluid, and it's exploding? (and I'm guessing you WOULDN'T be surprised how far 30cc's of fecal fluid can travel under pressure).
  2. NurseAuntowl

    What Is Your Most Gross, Yucky, Disgusting Nursing Horror Story?

    I work on a critical care step-down unit where we see all manner of wounds. The worst (so far - I'm still a new nurse) was a very unfortunate gentleman admitted with sepsis associated with gangranosum pyoderma, an autoimmune disorder that results in giant horrific stage IV and V wounds with tunneling that connected some of them ALL OVER HIS BODY - trunk, buttocks, groin, arms and legs. He'd been cared for at home by his wife and a home healthcare nurse for 6 months prior to admit, and they'd been dressing the wounds with wet packing and duoderm and leaving them covered for days at a time, so you can imagine what we found when we finally got all the dressings off him. Dear lord the SMELL. He required jet lavage debridement every other day and a full dressing change every day, a process that could take as long a three hours and had to be done in a couple of blocks so he could be medicated and we could stand to be in the room with him - and this went on for 5 weeks. By the time we finally got him DC'd to rehab, the whole unit smelled like rotting flesh.