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  1. thegreebler

    The Image of Nursing: The Unskilled Nurse

    And when I consider regular college vs nursing school. 4 years of partying and studying once in a blue moon vs 1-4 years of OMG. How can we really expect nurses to WANT to continue with education when we make nursing school simply inhuman?
  2. thegreebler

    Hospital's Lack of Compassion for Caregiver

    hrrm, what would the book say? lol. I believe it would go like this; to compassionately put the caregiver in contact with the appropriate social services to assist. There is adult daycare, and home health, hospice etc.
  3. thegreebler

    HELP new LPN positive drug test

    oh that's classic internet.... Well if we thought as nurses we could not bring the dead back to life, I guess now we know we can!
  4. thegreebler

    HELP new LPN positive drug test

    lol. Harshness and judgementalism is unnecessary. Your prescription benzo's you have every right to have in your system. Your "non" prescription benzo probably would have cleared in a matter of days... presuming that was the only time you took them. Also they didnt ask what medications you were taking before doing the test? If they havent called asking what prescriptions you have, it means you are probably okay so far. Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrum analysis are the next tests... And those are the "ultimate" in telling what is what. That comes with a "however." However, while we find solace in computer readouts that tell us "the answer" it isnt infallable. CONSULT AN ATTORNEY. The facility may or may not report you, it does depend on the facility and probably the state guidelines. GET AN ATTORNEY should be the standard advice if you ever have to go before the board. Also, Im not going to judge you. It seems nurses love to judge other nurses, even though all through nursing school we are told to be non-judgemental. Best of luck, The Greebler