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  1. KatieJT

    FSCJ Spring 2012 Hopeful w/???s

    Hi everyone, I just called the nursing office and the nursing director has to sign the letters and she is unfortunately on vacation this week... The lady I spoke with said they have 8 weeks from Oct 1st, so hopefully we should get a letter by Dec 1st!! I guess we can stop wondering if the letters are coming this week
  2. KatieJT

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Trust me I know the feeling, i still have not received my letter, but im in Nassau County. Hopefully it will be there today - I knowI didnt make the cut off but I have 193 pts so I'm hoping that there are not many people infront of me! :)
  3. KatieJT

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Sorry out of county people!
  4. KatieJT

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Linds1107 - What number applicant were you? I didnt getmy letter yesterday, but I had 193 points so I'm dying to know how many people are ahead of me. Remember there are always a few people that decline their seats so keep your fingers crossed!
  5. KatieJT

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    No, she didn't she had 191
  6. KatieJT

    FSCJ/FCCJ spring 2011 hopefuls

    Hi Everyone, Just found out from a friend that the cut off is 194.72, so we should be getting letters soon! THANK GOODNESS that crazy cutoff of over 200pts was lowered this term :)