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  1. jenicbrun

    nurse/patient ratio?

    I handle it all. I had only 2 weeks of training then I was thrown to the wolves. Ya, I am definately still looking. Thanks!
  2. jenicbrun

    nurse/patient ratio?

    It's 2nd shift. I am med nurse and treatment nurse, no med tech. There is an RN supervisor, however they supervise 3 different floors. They are called in case of emergencys or change in condition. Sometimes if I have a nice RN with extra time, they will help out on charting. Thanks for the reply!
  3. jenicbrun

    nurse/patient ratio?

    Im a new grad. I just got licensed and started my 1st job in long term care. The nurse/ patient ratio is between 35-47 patients per LPN. I feel completely overwhelmed and believe the ratio is crazy high. Is this because I am a new grad or is it really a high ratio? any advise?