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  1. Shelley1960

    Duke pay for nurses is shameful

    Thanks bonesrn,that's the truth. It's the "Duke" in name that they feel you should be kissing their feet. They can afford to pay us more but as you say we are second class. I'd like to see a day without nurses,they would be thinking twice. What do you think about wake med?
  2. Shelley1960

    Duke pay for nurses is shameful

    Very true. I still love it here in NC. Just wish we nurses were payed better here.
  3. Shelley1960

    Duke pay for nurses is shameful

    The other hospitals are higher in relation to Duke. Rex and Wake Med start around 32.00. I was just shocked at Duke is all. I am not trying to bad mouth anyone just a comment about the level of pay was shocking to me.
  4. Shelley1960

    Duke pay for nurses is shameful

    THE SALARIES IN N.C. ARE VERY LOW COMPARED TO THE AVERAGE. DUKE WANTED TO START ME AT 24 AND CHANGE PER HOUR with 12 years experience in Cardio-Thoracic! COMING FROM LOS ANGELES I WAS WAS FLOORED. WE GET PAID 40 PER HOUR ON AVERAGE. I KNOW THE COST OF LIVING IS LOWER BUT NOT THAT MUCH! Im loving North Carolina but the salaries for nurses are just so low. We deserve more. Duke is a great place but what they pay nurses is shameful and should be on life support. I don't like unions so much but maybe a nurses only union(NOT SEIU) would help
  5. Shelley1960

    salaries for duke and UNC hospitals

    I can't believe how low nurses are paid at Duke ! Coming from Los Angeles we get paid around 40.00 an hour. I know the cost of living is cheaper here in N.C. but Duke insults our intelligence! Starting around 24-25.00 day shift is just a shame