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  1. jaspreet kaur

    regarding working in canada

  2. jaspreet kaur

    regarding working in canada

    hi i m new to cnada,jst unsuccessful in oct 10 Rn xam and want to give it on feb 2011. i jst hold a visitor visa and as u know it is very difficult to stay in canada without job for such along period. Can i apply to work permit while staying here on the basis of graduate nurse, is dere any option...... i have applied registration in Ontario and is dere any option like SEC in other provinces in ontario. IF you know anything,,,plz help me..
  3. jaspreet kaur

    regarding working in canada

    hi. i have recently give the CRNE exam and unfortunately dont passed it. Ihave just come to canada to give the test on visitor visa. But now I want to give the test again on 3 feb. As u know it is difficult to stay here for such a long period without working. can you please tell me can i work in ontario as a graduate nurse before giving crne exam and how could get any work permit on the basis of gradute nurse? Is there any solution, plz help me.