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    CRNE October 2010

    Hello everyone! I have been reading this forum ever since the June 2010 CRNE, I failed by 5 marks the first time. I came home today and saw a letter waiting for me, I swear I was going to have an MI...needless to say, I PASSED!!! I was preparing myself for the *worst*. I live in Ontario, most people I know have received theirs. To those who have passed this time around, congrats! For those who were unsuccessful, please DO NOT give up! I went in with a different view on the exam after I failed the first time.I used the 4th and 5th editions of the CRNE prep guide as well as all my lectures from all of my science courses from university. Yes, that's right. For me, this worked because I am not very good at sciences. I needed to grasp the basics again even though the CRNE is very subjective by nature! I also reviewed skills I was not familiar with as well as some medications. I studied a few hours a day, for 3 weeks. Last time I wrote, it was down to the last hour and I still had 70 questions left! This time, I knew what to expect and paced myself. I was done within 2.5hours which gave me ample time to review. I read the question once, then again to pick out the key words (you know how it is). I then used this to pick the BEST option there was. Don't think too hard into the question, the answers are based in an ideal setting (i.e. if everything was perfect and went that way). I'm not saying that the above method will work for you, I am saying that I reflected on what I did wrong the first time and hoped to fix it for the second. As others have mentioned, 200 questions is NOT indicative of how good of a nurse you are, how smart you are or how much knowledge you possess! Think to yourself, you will make it! I wish everyone luck for their futures, whatever you choose you do!