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    Couplet Care?

    I work on a small Maternal-Child unit with no specific nursery staff. We take care of mom from admission to discharge and also care for the newborn. We primarily do rooming in. We tell our patients that we are glad to watch their babies, if we don't have a labor patient. If we have enough staff, we can watch the babies until close to delivery. It is understood that we will bring the babies back to mom's room if we need to. Most of the time, the moms are o.k. with this arrangement. Occasionally, mom or dad will act irritated, but that is life in a small hospital!:)
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    I got certified in Inpatient OB after being in L&D for 2 years. That was the requirement at that time and I believe it still is that way. It has not been a requirement on any unit I have worked on, but it has always been a financial bonus to have it. The pay increase has been more to be certified than to have a higher degree. I didn't get into nursing until I was 40 yrs. old and having a lot of student loan debt didn't seem like the thing to do. Getting the certification was my compromise. I have been glad about my decision. The studying I have done to maintain the certification has applied more to my clinical experience than the courses for a BSN. At this point, I have been in nursing for 20 years. Short of winning the lottery, I will not go back for my BSN or any advanced degree. I have been pleased to have the national certification.