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  1. I'm sorry, if I'm posting in the right place. I am a first year older RN student, and I have to do a paper on this. I'm not sure where to start, so I figured I will first reach out to you for help. First where do I get population information on who usess acute care? Here are the rest of the questions. Any help will be appriciated. 1. What are the benefits and disadvantages of working in this acute care? 2 What can you specalized in this field? 2. Is there a formal nursing organization recognizing this specialty? 3. Is there a specialty publication associated with the formal organization? 4. Is there a national certification program? (if so, identify it) Thank you so much for all your help.
  2. HypnoVoice

    Glendale Community College (CA) Spring 2011

    LATTC is a good school. You get what you put in. It's funny, I took my TEAS there in May, and they never called me. They said I wouldn't get in until FALL of 2011. LATTC is supposed to be first come first serve, but somehow I don't think that is true, or they lost my info. Anyway, good luck femmebot. :) You're also going to find that LATTC is cheaper in someway. Parking is only $20 (what I remembered) a semester, and service fee is much less than GCC. You wouldn't have the parking problem that GCC has.
  3. HypnoVoice

    Glendale Community College (CA) Spring 2011

    thanks snookiejc. gcc is based on lottery. i already have ba in art. my science scores is a, and my teas score is 87.6. reading 92, math 91, science 90 english 81( this could have been better). this is my first time applying, so i got very lucky. i hope this helps. i do believe all things happen at the right time, so have faith. good luck to all. hypnovoice
  4. HypnoVoice

    Glendale Community College (CA) Spring 2011

    I just got in to the standard Schedule. I'm sorry for those who didn't get in. HypnoVoice