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  1. Hi all, I will be graduating from my nursing program this coming winter. I am interested in applying to the cardiac surgery stepdown unit at WHC. I am not familiar with this hospital or unit and was just wondering if anyone had any experience or could give me an idea of what the environment/climate is like for nurses on this unit or just at whc in general. Thanks so much for your help!!
  2. terps00

    UPenn accelerated BSN 2011...anyone?

    Hey I was just accepted into the bsn/msn program there. I have a BUNCH of questions. Is there anyways I could directly email you?
  3. terps00

    UPenn accelerated BSN 2011...anyone?

    Hiiii everyone, I got accepted into the accelerated program for summer 2011!! I also got accepted into the nurse anesthetist program which I still am having a hard time believing! The only problem is that I'm already 2 weeks into a program at UMD in Baltimore and have no idea if I should withdrawl and accept at penn....any thoughts???
  4. terps00

    University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB)-Spring 2011

    Greylady, Hey I was wondering if you knew when the CNL orientation is going to be in January? Also, how do we go about sending in our deposit? Do we have to wait until receiving our official acceptance letter? Thanks so much!
  5. terps00

    UMD SON CNL Spring 2011 Applicants

    Yeah JHU's application was due on Monday and so I submitted everything but the application fee because I was hoping to hear back from UMD this week since it's my first choice! I hope you hear back soon though!! Where else did you apply to?
  6. terps00

    UMD SON CNL Spring 2011 Applicants

    Hey! I just came across your post. My status changed to accepted today! I'm so excited. Have you heard anything back yet??