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  1. "anne"

    Saudi- MOH

    Hi..is there anyone here that took their exam and interview last oct 28@saudi embassy? do u already receive a txt from SRO? bec. until now i haven't receive any txt from them..its been 3wks now..im so much worried.. keep me updated!tnx..
  2. "anne"

    Saudi- MOH

    Hi..can u pls send me the # of sro staff so i can ask about my aplication..tnx!
  3. "anne"

    Saudi- MOH

    Hi! i took the exam and had my interview last oct 28 at saudi embassy..after the intrview,they said that they will be txtng us after 2 wks! but until now there is no response..i read earlier here that some of them had took their medical and had their letter of appointment..how about us? until when will be waiting for their txt? pls respond if u know anything about this..can anyone send me the contact # of sro staff? tnx!