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  1. teriavi1

    Re: Filipino RN's about to take CRNE exam

    Thanks silverdragon! Let say I have already passed the IELTS,,am I qualify to take CRNE even my work experience is very little? Thans!
  2. teriavi1

    Re: Filipino RN's about to take CRNE exam

    Hi Everyone! I'm a new member of the forum and found it very interesting because I know that from here I can get an answer to all my questions. By the way, I'm already here in Calgary under tourist visa and planned to find a job as a caregiver so that I can get a working permit. My uncle here in Canada has a friend who's willing to sponsor me under the Caregiver Live-in Program. But then, during the processing, my employer has changed her mind not to proceed the agreement and I am having a problem to look for a new employer. Now, I want to try CRNE so that my visa would be switch to PR and be able to bring my family here in the future. But my concern is, I had a very little work experience back in the Philippines,,I had worked as a Volunteer Nurse for 4 mos in the year 1998, 3 mos. as a Private Nurse in the same year. I'm scared that I'm possibly not elegible to take the written exam due to my short period of experience and its been long time since I graduated in BSN (1997). And one thing more, I haven't take the IELTS yet and have fear that I might not pass it because I'm not very well in English that's why I know that it will be hard for me to take it. And one thing more, I got a very low score in Local Board Exam in the Philippines which is only 75%. So I have a lot of worries and I need clarification with my condition. If ever I'm not qualify to take the exam do I need to take some refresher course? Hope that I can get some anwers and advices in this forum. Pls help... teriavi1