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  1. eemurpheeRN

    Anyone Up For Random FACT THROWING??

    1. When giving Levothyroxine (Synthroid) to treat hypothyroidism, ALWAYS assess pulse for 1 minute prior to administration! Anything >100bpm..call MD! Tachycardia is an early sign of overdose with this med!! 2. When a patient has esophageal varices, remember AIRWAY is the #1 PRIORITY! Maintain a patent airway THEN stop the bleeding (w/ vasopressin (to slow the flow) and use Nitro with VP to relieve any chest pain/ischemia....also propanolol & somatostatin used as well. 3. If a Blakemore tube is coughed up or dislodged & airway obstruction occurs, CUT THE TUBE. ALWAYS keep a pair of scissors @ the bedside!! 4. To assess the chest tube system use the S.T.O.P. method: S- Site--check dressing for occlusiveness, bleeding & reinforce. T-Tubes--tape all connections! check for kinks! avoid loops! O-Output--mark & assess drainage, Report >100cc/hr. P-Patient--Assess tidaling, water seal/suction control level, assess amt of suction, any bubbling?, monitor RR and chest movements. 5. One of the first signs of a Thyroid Storm (Thyrotoxic Crisis) is an elevated temperature! Temps can get as high as 106 degrees F! Remember...ABC's (Airway/Breathing/Circulation) & cooling the patient are PRIORITY. Hope my 5 facts help someone out there! :)
  2. eemurpheeRN

    Med Surg help?

    I have used the book "MedSurg Success" in the past and it has helped me a lot! It is a book with lots of "NCLEX-type" questions and rationales at the end of each chapter. Good luck! I'm heading into the homestretch with a med-surg class currently. It's tough!