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  1. Passed the CPNE in Mansfield Ohio this past weekend. Took me 3 times, but finally did it! I just can't believe the stress the weekend provides. Well, just need to pass the RN nclex and it's finally over. Good luck to future CPNE takers. this can be done.
  2. vredsox

    CPNE 2 quick questions

    Hello, i have 2 questions regarding the CPNE. I just receiced a date to test on January 14-16th in Mansfield Ohio. i have been studying for a while but seem to be stuck. First, how do you tie all the critical elements together? after you do your 20 minute checks, do you then continue to to all the areas of care that are checked for you to perform or do you do the 20 minute checks, leave the room and re-enter to do your critical elements? second, in the planning phase, do you use the "r/t and "aeb" in the problem or does that wait till the evaluation phase? I am testing under the 17th edition. sorry, just seem a little lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks John