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  1. Congrats to everyone who has heard back recently, can't wait to meet everyone!! I was also confused on housing website quite in regards to how to apply/rent a room. What I ended up doing was sending a message to the email contact on the bottom of the homepage - it basically just said that I was interested in what openings there were and if prices were correctly quoted online, and I left my phone number in case that would be an easier way to get in touch. The man who I emailed called me and left a message saying he was going to be sending an email with the rooms with openings beginning in May and some information on each. He also asked me to email back with any questions and a list in order of the rooms I would be interested in renting, if any. After I did that he emailed a copy of the lease and asked me to fill it out, include check with the deposit, and mail it to him. He's been super responsive and helpful, so it was easy and quick. -Kat
  2. Wow, that was long! Sorry guys!!
  3. Hey Jane, I currently go to the UR and I have lived on campus, as well as on the road with Strong Memorial Hospital, but down a ways. I love living on campus because of the convenience of being so close to the hospital (where I worked and volunteered) and by the buildings I have class in as well. Given that a friend told me we will primarily be at Strong and the School of Nursing building (on Crittenden - the road right behind the hospital), it seems logical that living in the White Coat Ghetto (that primary area) would be best/easiest. I used that same website and put a deposit down on one of the rooms in a house on Crittenden beginning in May. The house is literally across the street from Strong and a block up the street from the SON building. One of the worst things in the winter in Rochester is the ridiculous amounts snow and it is SO, SO, SO nice to not have to worry about dealing with it everyday. If you can avoid the hassles of digging out your car, possibly bad driving conditions (especially if you need to be up earlier than the snow plowers), and then having to be bused from a parking lot for students miles away -- just to get to class or clinical (!!) -- it is worth it. Even if it is more expensive, you will be much less stressed and get a lot more sleep - and from what it seems, we all are going to need as much of that as we can get! As for living on the other side of the river - the 19th Ward...it isn't a terrible option if you're looking to save money. I know a lot of people who lived there over the summer and during the school year and for the most part, they didn't mind. The area isn't known for being the best - there are occasionally break-ins, robberies, and jumpings. I don't suggest walking around by yourself in the evenings/late at night or very early in the morning just because people have been known to be robbed in these cases, so keep that in mind. On the flip side, the people in the neighborhood are usually very friendly and there is a decent amount of students who live there. I stayed at a boyfriends house on most weekends last year and in the mornings a lot of people go for a walk or sit outside and read the paper. Most people would say good morning and ask how you're doing, which was really nice and I felt totally comfortable walking by myself during the day. Housing is relatively cheap compared to the White Coat Ghetto, but often you need to rent the whole house and work out finding roommates/everyone paying rent on your own. The walk to the med center/SON is about 10-15 minutes, and there's even a bus that runs on weekdays from the morning until late into the evening. It goes to River Campus, and then its a short walk to the med center, so it's pretty easy. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  4. I wouldn't worry at all at this point! I know that they give phone calls over a week or two, depending on how early before they mail the decisions out/when they expect them to be received. So you may get a call next week but if not, they send out decisions in waves. Lots of people get acceptances in the other waves, not just the first...so I don't fret!
  5. Yes, they called to let me know that I was accepted and that they are mailing out the first batch of letters in the next few days.
  6. I just got the phone call! Just a heads up to everyone that they started notifying applicants, good luck!!!!
  7. I didn't apply for the master's track so I don't know how the second interview works, but I have not heard anything from admissions or any other applicants about decisions being mailed or people receiving an acceptance call. I wouldn't worry too much, it seems like they're still reviewing applicants...
  8. I hope we hear soon, this waiting is so nerve-wracking!
  9. does anyone know when the summer 2011 applicants are supposed to start hearing back from admissions?
  10. Hey guys, Does anyone know if the 50 or so spots for the accelerated program are specifically for the ABPNN? ...or are they for both the bachelors and masters programs?
  11. I applied for the May 2011 cohort! What about you?
  12. Hey, I've been living in Rochester for the past 3 years since I go to U of R for undergrad. I lived off campus last year in an apartment (Elmwood Manor Apts), but it was not in the white coat ghetto. The white coat ghetto neighborhood is almost all houses, I don't know of any apartments that are within walking distance. But, there may be a few complexes a bit farther away (I'm not positive) that you may be able to bike - given weather permits, which rarely happens from Dec-March. There are multiple houses that are rented out by room to students at Strong, like studenthousingrochester.com. The way renting these houses works pretty much like an apartment - you have your own room and usually your own bathroom - but you have common shared spaces (living room, kitchen, etc). Renting only a room lets you skip the stress of finding roommates, worrying about everyone paying bills on time, etc. It's common for the students in these houses to be in a similar program - which can be good or bad - but often you'll see a familiar face. I just recently put down a deposit for a room in a house on Crittenden and it's 100 yards across the street from the hospital, which is a HUGE plus to me. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions, I was completely overwhelmed when I moved to Rochester from NJ and had to figure all this stuff out!
  13. Hey all! I applied to the ABPNN for Summer 2012 (mid-May start). I submitted my online application for the in the beginning of September and handed in my supplemental information to ******* a few days following that, which was marked as 'received' a couple of days after. ****** contacted me to arrange an interview the first week of November when they began to schedule them. I am meeting with Dr. ************ to interview tomorrow morning. I go to University of Rochester as an undergrad currently and will be graduating in May. I have met ********** and ************ prior to applying, but not Dr. ******. I know in the past that applicants have interviewed with ******** or ******, so I was wondering who other people are interviewing with for this cohort. Let me know! Good luck interviewing everyone!