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  1. I'm about to finish my 3rd semester of schooling, and I only need a couple more prerequisites to go, but my dad is rushing me into taking my pre-entrance exam this upcoming January 22. Will I have enough time if I purchase the book now and study everyday until then? He's being anal about me getting into nursing school, but I have a feeling that I wont have enough time... What book would you recommend as well? Will the NLN book be enough?
  2. Gottafro8

    How to Study Effectively?

    I enjoy reading about your second tip. I usually try to cram information into my brain by constantly reading information--over and over again. I'll try relating information to my life, so I don't feel like falling asleep while studying. What are your methods of creating a sticky brain?
  3. Gottafro8

    How to Study Effectively?

    Hi folks, I'm interested in improving my study habits. So far I seem to be a B student (got two B's in prereqs at 89% ) and it sucks because I seem to always be on the cliff from achieving an A. I guess it's because I procrastinate until the last weekend before a test, but I dislike putting so much time into studying and still earning a B (even though they're alright, I want to do better). My theory, even though it sounds stupid, is to put the least amount of time into studying and to still achieve an A. What methods have worked for you? How do you memorize all the different processes of the human body and for science courses in general? I'm trying to rewire my brain, as I wasn't an effective studier in high school. How do you take notes? That's a skill I could definitely work on. -Thanks, and good luck to everyone else wanting to improve their studying skills.