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  1. Wow.. Thanks to all of you for your input. It honestly truly helped a bunch.. I have decided to go ahead and accept the job offer. I don't begin my orientation until mid January-so I figure I should ask you smarties for a bit more advice. If I get a job offer elsewhere in the next month, would it be alright to bail on the initial job since I haven't started working?
  2. Hey all! So I was offered a full time registered nurse position in an ICU this afternoon which I am excited about because I have been searching for employment for the past year. However, my first interview was a successful phone interview with a much better hospital that I would rather work for.. I am currently awaiting a response from the better hospital to be brought in for a formal interview. My question is.. Is it alright to accept the job I was just offered and then leave the brand new job if the better one comes through? Additionally, if the better job calls to bring me in for an interview.. do I tell them that I just started a job elsewhere, but am still interested in the interview and position? I need help quickly... thanks in advance to all who can give me their input!! :heartbeat