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  1. cshoe2289

    Hurstreview qreview score.

    I thought that most things were familiar after doing hurst. Seeing as this was the second time I took it, it was much better than the first time.
  2. cshoe2289

    Hurstreview qreview score.

    I took the hurst review, and everyone I know that has taken it has done really well on the NCLEX. I took the NCLEX this morning so I will get my "offical" results on Wednesday, but I was averaging around 81-84 points per test. They really emphasize on knowing the material rather than doing questions, but I am sure that you will be fine. Remember what Marlene says, "You should be happy if you get more than half right!"
  3. cshoe2289

    Nclex -- Second Time Around

    Took my NCLEX today at 8am, tried the PVT when I got home and I got a good pop-up so hopefully that means that I passed!!! :) fingers crossed
  4. cshoe2289

    Show time tomorrow! Nclex-rn

    Good Luck! May God be with you. :)
  5. cshoe2289

    NCLEX-RN November 2010

    I also take mine this Monday! Prayers are going out to all of you! --Please pray for me also, I really need it.
  6. cshoe2289

    Nclex -- Second Time Around

    Me too! I take mine on monday, so hopefully all this hard work will pay off.
  7. cshoe2289

    NCLEX Takers Support Thread

    I would like to join your group on praying for everyone who is taking NCLEX! I am taking mine this coming Monday (the 22nd), and I feel at this point that God is the only One who can get me through this (as alot of you probably do). I am a strong believer in prayer and I will life everyone up in His name. :)
  8. cshoe2289

    Nclex -- Second Time Around

    I am using the Mosby's Review Cards and ATI for questions, because I feel that Hurst doesn't have enough to get me used to the material in question form. But, everyone I have talked to that has done Hurst has passed! And everytime I tell someone that is what I am using to prepare they just say, "Oh, then don't worry you will be fine!". So that kinda makes me feel better. :)
  9. cshoe2289

    Nclex -- Second Time Around

    Hey everyone! I am preparing to take my NCLEX for the second time on Monday. The first time I took it I was rushing to hurry up and get my license after I had many life events going on weeks before, and I really should not have taken it that soon. Honestly, I didn't study as much as I should have and didn't take it as serious as it is. Anyway, I have taken the online hurst review and done the mock nclex exams for it, the first time I took it I made a 64 and the second a 72. I was just wondering if anyone had any advise because I REALLY need to pass this time. I don't think I could handle failing again (nor could my husband).