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  1. new2nicuRN

    New Grad in the NICU?

    Keep your head up! If you are willing to re-locate that could help you find a job in the NICU. I am re-locating 1200 miles away for my dream position in a level 3 NICU in a very respected Children's Hospital. Some hospitals regularly hire new grad to the NICU but others want experience.
  2. new2nicuRN

    Tips on what to do in school to help find a job after

    I def. think it would be wise to work as a nurse tech in the hospital while in school. When I was in school I worked per diem as a nurse tech in the float pool and also worked as a personal care assistant for a man with a spinal cord injury every other weekend. If you have worked while in nursing school you will stand out. I went on an interview and three things they were looking for in a new grad future employee were 1. someone who worked in the hospital and attended school at the same time. 2. someone who completed their senior practicum on the type of unit which they are applying for. 3. someone who is interested in continuing their education
  3. new2nicuRN

    calling ALL newly licensed NURSES.......[3yrs<]

    I graduated May 2010. Passed my boards early July. I studied abroad in Bolivia at a Children's Hosp for the month of August. Started working in September at a school for Autistic children and am now re-locating for a job in a level 3 NICU. I started applying in March. I worked in healthcare all through college.
  4. new2nicuRN

    How long is the wait after an interview?

    When I called the NR she was very sweet. She told me "I'm sorry I have no new information for you, they are still conducting interviews and you should hear by x date. I will call you when I have any information regarding the position." Then last week she called me and gave me an official job offer over the phone. She also thanked me for being so patient. I believe I had to wait so long because there were a number of NICU positions they were looking to fill so they could have a full class for orientation. They may also be waiting to see if another more experienced candidate could fill the position. I wouldn't freak out too much as these things often take time. After I interviewed I went over every answer I gave in my head and thought maybe I didn't do so well. I hope you get the job!!!
  5. new2nicuRN

    How long is the wait after an interview?

    The interview process can take excruciatingly long, :grn: I know from experience. After my interview it took a month before I knew if I got the job or not. Luckily I did! I called the nurse recruiter a couple times to ask if there was any information yet and to show them how interested I was in the job. Good luck!!
  6. new2nicuRN

    New Grad hoping for NICU

    I will be working in St. Louis, MO. I will not start for another month and I have so much to do before that! I can't wait to start. I think sometimes you catch a break when you least expect it! I was becoming very discouraged and disheartened by the current nursing situation for new grads but you just have to keep your head and keep applying!
  7. new2nicuRN

    New Grad hoping for NICU

    I graduated in May and just recently landed a job in one of the top childrens hospitals in the country level III NICU. I could not be happier. If you are willing to re-locate it will really help your chances of landing a position in this specialty as a new grad. I am moving 1200 miles away from home! I applied all over the country literally. I would have moved to Antarctica to get in a NICU! haha. Also, I would apply to jobs even if they ask for experience. Things that stand out on your resume include working in a hospital while you were in nursing school and having a senior preceptorship in the NICU. Also stress how you want to continue your education.
  8. new2nicuRN

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    Hi all! I am a new grad RN and was just offered a position in a level III NICU at a large children's hospital I am unbelievably excited and thankful! I am in shock that I got my dream position. I had applied for countless jobs with no luck and was getting very discouraged. To all the new grads out there. Keep your head up and stay positive, I know this is hard to do. Any advice or recommended reading would be greatly appreciated! :heartbeat