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    CRNE October 2010

    Hi, I am a new member. I got my crne result on Nov 15 and sadly I failed with 1 point. I got my nursing degree at the states. Even though, I passed n-clex with easily (I had to answer 75 questions) I could not pass crne. My biggest problem is time. I had to guess almost 50 question even without reading the answer because I had less than hours to answer those. The night before CRNE I took practice CRNE online and got 81% but did not work. Could you please any one give me advice how to prepare and which study guide to read. I am in Manitoba and I did find any preparation course over here. I am also a RN of USA and no problem to pass over there. But I failed CRNE just from 1 point. I did not have enough time to answer all 200 questions so I had to just answer 30 question without seen Q &A. and other 20 questions just barely reading. I also do not know much about Canadian system even though it is similar. Could you please guide how to manage time and which guide to use because CRNE prep guide did not help. I got 71% on CRNE prep guide even before starting preparation and I got 81% on online CRNE preparation exam the night before actual CRNE exam. Both of them were taken on computer though. I am waiting for your and any other member who can help me please.... I did not take any classes and any other crne guide except 250 CRNE prep guide questions and 100 online crne readiness test so could you please advice me to buy and study any other guide. Thank you.