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  1. Hi guys, I'm in need of some good advice about my future from those who have succeeded in getting into nursing school. I am currently a junior at a Emory University, and I have recently decided to pursue nursing as a career. I was pursuing a psychology degree purely just because I needed to pick a major. Since I plan on applying to nursing school next fall, I am debating whether I should finish my psych major at Emory while finishing my nursing prerequisites and apply as a second major student, or if I should just focus on my nursing classes and apply as a transfer. I am hesitant to finish my psychology major because I feel like I would be working towards something that will not be applicable to my nursing future. In addition, due to a family emergency, my grades from last semester were not the best and are bringing down my GPA to about a 3.1. I don't know the average GPA for nursing school applicants are, but I'm afraid that it will affect my chances of getting into one. It all boils down to that I have no drive to finish at Emory, but I need to bring up my GPA. Can you guys give me advice on what you think I should do? Thank you so much!