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  1. I HAVE TO GET OUT OF AUSTRALIA This country offers me nothing but elite sport and karaoke.
  2. My father in law has a British birth certificate so that should help. Yeah, I was expecting the conservatives to do everything in their power to keep the foreigners out. Scumbags.
  3. Well with the current scumbag conservative government in control of the UK parliament and raising fees the "wait 'till I have experience" option is my only option :-( I'll work in some backwater hole in NSW and earn some cash in my newgrad year to get the hell out of Australia.
  4. Thank you :) I'm doing a little more research into full time post graduate study options, It's expensive, but hopefully gets me to the UK sooner
  5. Cheers for the info. It is a little disappointing for me that I may have to wait a little longer to escape the colony :-P I may work out in the sticks and earn some extra cash then *shudders*
  6. Bugger 12 months :-( Do you think that I would be eligible for post graduate study? I'm desperate to get out of Australia as soon as possible.
  7. Hi Everyone, I am currently in my first year of my university degree and my plan is to move to and work in the UK in 2013 after I graduate in 2012. A visa hopefully will not be a problem as my wife has UK ancestry and is a qualified teacher. If there is any information or advice that anyone could share with me I'd be most greatful.