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  1. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    I most definitely have not disclosed any of that information.
  2. HippieGypsyGirl

    Failed pre employment screen

    I'd dispute the test and retake it. Maybe by then you'll be clean.
  3. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    I felt absolutely amazing all night. I work NOC shift. Second dose today and already feel amazing. I think this is it guys.
  4. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    So I started at the methadone clinic today. And I can say that the pain is already so improved with ONE dose. I have ZERO desire to use tonight. I'm excited for what this means for my future. Thank you all for the support and love. It's not easy being an addicted nurse in secrecy. Although the MD today told me I am not am addict. I'm dependent because of the pain. Also, yes, I have been able to do my job while on these meds. I never used to get high or knock myself to Oblivion. It really was all about the chronic pain. Just so happens with opioids, you build a tolerance so fast so you have to take more and more. But I'm done!
  5. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    I haven't been at this job long enough for FMLA.
  6. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    It is sad. Makes us fearful to seek help for sure.
  7. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    I financially cannot stop working.
  8. HippieGypsyGirl


    I'm in Texas but not in TPAPN. I'm sorry to hear you are. I've heard it's pure hell.
  9. HippieGypsyGirl

    Please help.

    Hello. This is so hard to post. But due to chronic pain, I have become addicted to pain meds. They aren't prescribed. I am going to a methadone clinic soon. 1. To help stop this stupid behavior I'm doing before I go to prison or die. 2. To help with the unrelenting pain I have daily and try to get my life back and somewhat be able to function. Does anyone know if I have to disclose to the clinic my profession and where I get my meds? Do I have to disclose to my employer that I'm on methadone? I'm so scared and disappointed in myself but know this is the right course for me before something bad happens. This physical addiction has come directly from MDs refusing to help me and treat my pain, unfortunately. I'm angry at them and myself for getting to this point. Any insight would be great.
  10. HippieGypsyGirl

    New member.

    Thank you!!
  11. HippieGypsyGirl

    New member.

    I am not a new member here but about to sign up for Excelsior. Do you have any tips for me? Thanks and congrats!!
  12. HippieGypsyGirl

    Calculation help..

    That is correct. I convert the gr to mg. So I say there is 60mg/1gr so there are Xmg/.17gr (6/1=.166). That gives you 10 mg. Then do D/H*V. So 5/10*1=.5. Hope that helped. I am so bad at math but for some reason calculation clicked with me. Good Luck!
  13. HippieGypsyGirl

    OK, So where did I learn this...?!

    You actually can administer 2L of O2 w/o orders so I actually got that one right. LOL Great post!
  14. HippieGypsyGirl

    Blood transfusions??? just say no...

    We have addressed this in school. Just get someone else to do it for you. It doesn't make you a bad nurse or pushing beliefs....it makes you faithful to your beliefs and I totally respect that!
  15. HippieGypsyGirl

    So VERY Excited!!!

    I'm in my second semester. Congrats!
  16. HippieGypsyGirl

    Immunizations & nursing school

    One thing I've learned in NS is that it's not about you, It's about the patient. As harsh as it may sound...it is true.

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