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    The Patient I Failed

    Unfortunately, I see this horror every day. I could tell stories enough to fill a novel regarding patients who have been tortured due to the family's wishes. I have even had a wife tell me that she needed her husband to stay alive for the pension check. I have had patients riddled with cancer who have said they do not want heroic measures, only to be talked out of it by family members. I don't think the families have any idea what horror and pain we cause when we are "doing everything we can!" Resuscitation is painful, torturous and cruel especially to those who do not want it or are so sick that it won't make a difference. Due to the litigious society that we live in, it is impossible for doctors and nurses to work without being worried about repercussions. Everyone is so worried about being sued, that the patient and their comfort comes second! That is just unacceptable! Why fill out a living will if it won't be honored and if a family member can override it? What's the point of even going through the trouble?? It is so frustrating and horrible to think that all I do is torture people for a living.