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  1. I need some help deciding where I should spend my money for my second semeter of A&P. I am currently a student at Sac State finishing up my the first half of A&P (Bio 25), Nutrition, and Human Development. I found out my lab teacher for A&P will be teaching lec & lab for Bio 26 next semester. She is an awesome teacher who is passionate about teaching, wants her students to get the most out of the lessons, etc. The thing is, if I stay at Sac State next semester just for this class I will be paying a big chunk of change just to be in her class. My other option would be to take the second half of A&P at Sac City College and save myself a ton of money, however, I would also be taking a gamble on what kind of teacher I end up with. Another bonus to taking the class at SCC is the lab is 3-hours twice a week as compared to CSUS Bio 26 lab being 2.5 hours 1 day a week. I am a very visual, hands-on learner and would love to have lab twice a week at CSUS but the money savings and longer lab time is tempting me to enroll at SCC instead. Has anyone here recently taken A&P at SCC? If so, any words of advice? If you were me, would you pay the higher tuition and stay at CSUS this semester just for one class??? Thank you in advance for any advice or suggestions you have to share! :)
  2. Oh that makes me so happy! Thank you for sharing Stefanyjoy!
  3. I'm new here and SO HAPPY I found this thread because I'm in the same boat as the original poster. I'm a 38 yo SAHM, 3 kids ages 14, 11 and 8. I'm nearing the end of my first semester of pre-req's (A&P, Human Dev - Life Span, Nutrition) and holding steady with A's in all three. It's hard work but I'm really enjoying it! Finding this post is the shot in the arm I need (no pun intended ) because I start to second guess myself when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed (kids/homework/etc). I start to think "what am I doing? I'm 38 yrs old...I'm too old!" To counteract this, I have to remind myself its because I'm a mom and "older" that I am this focused and determined to reach my goal. The years spent raising my kids thus far have served me well and made me stronger. I just want to say thank you to everyone for their words of encouragement to stick with it! I only have three classes left until I can apply to nursing school in my area. Sometimes it feels like its so far away