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  1. gojojolu

    Results of first TEAS-V score

    I'm in the about the same boat as you. I interviewed and they told me I had to do the TEAS ASAP so I took the first one that I could before their deadline and did not get to study at all and I got a 63.3%. I'm not sure what the outcome is so I don't even know if I can take it again. I didn't think it would be that hard because I took the HESI a couple months ago (again without having time to study) and I got 86% on that. I am so disappointed and hope all the other factors will override and I still get accepted. If they gave you the opportunity to take it again, I would take advantage of it. You have an idea on how the test is now so you have a lot better chance of raising your score and if nothing else I'm sure it can't go lower.
  2. gojojolu

    Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program

    Orangesky - curious as to where you were able to apply that didn't require BIO and A&P? I just met with Brookline yesterday and they do require them b4 you can be admitted. As I don't have them either I would love to get in someplace as soon as possible that doesn't have the requirements.
  3. gojojolu

    Brookline College Accelerated Nursing Program

    Just wondering if you found out any more information on Brookline in Arizona? I just found out about them and curious since they are only provisionally accredited or any other information you might have
  4. Hello, Help!! I enrolled in A & P 201 and we are using Human Anatomy and Physiology by Marieb 7th or 8th Edition that you would be willing to sell or give and live in the San Diego area. I ordered the book online expedited and the book never showed and I am already now in the second week of the class. I can't fin any of the college bookstores or schools in the area that are using this textbook. I am enrolled at Central AZ online course. Thank you for you help
  5. gojojolu

    Need advice on nursing programs

    Thanks guys for the great advise...maybe I'll give a little more background why I want to get through a little quicker. So, I am not getting any younger...I'll be going over the big hill (big 5-0). I do realize this will be a very challenging path but, I have been through it before. I worked 2 jobs (70 hrs/week) and raised 3 kids (11, 10, 6) as a single parent while earning my bachelors/masters degrees at an accelerated pace. I was around 35 years old and survived on about 1-2 hours sleep a night and it was in no way easy but, I DID survive and still managed to get a 3.15GPA bachelors and 3.75 GPA Masters. I know nursing school is not going to be an easy journey over the next 15-18 months but, I have no other responsibilities other than schooling that I will be having to divide my focus. I realize school/nursing is challenging and intend to give it 110% so that I may join you in the nursing profession.
  6. gojojolu

    Need advice on nursing programs

    Protongirl...Would you mind sharing the info you compiled. I have a bachelors and masters also and have been researching but not as organized as you. I am trying to find whatever school has the least requirements since I don't have any of the sciences yet but, I would like to try and get in by fall at the latest. There are just so many variables in every program it is hard to pin down. I probably need a school that either has a rolling admission or one that allows you to apply while still taking prereqs. None of what I have found seems to be the "perfect firestorm" of everything I need ie fewest pre-reqs, enrollment timeframe (probably need rolling), length (I would like 12 mo program), price (lower is better LOL), and I would like to start in Fall 2011. I live in AZ but, I am looking for anywhere that I can get in and meets all the criteria. Anyone with any ideas, suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
  7. gojojolu

    Research College of Nursing

    I would like more info but, I am new to the site and can't figure out how to PM u.
  8. gojojolu

    Anyone taking or have taken A&P II at EduKan?

    I have to take my prereq's and did not think you could take A & P I & II together but, you are able to at Edukan? Thanks for a reply anyone