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    Looking for an RN job in Cleveland?

    I attended the job fair, it was surprisingly more organized than I had anticipated. All of the regional hospitals CNO's were availabe in one room. I could walk up to any table for more information. I knew specifically what unit I wanted to work on, so I talked with the CNO. From there I registered for an interview and received text messages to my phone updating me on wait times and number of people infront of me. Unfortunately, my wait time was 113 minutes and 19 people infront of me. I believe the most unforeseeable part of the whole day was the number of people and amount of waiting that happened. I had prepared for a four hour day, but I showed up at noon and left at 9pm. After close to two hours of waiting, in which I was able to entertain myself with lunch, live music, massages, and some vendors. I went up to interview with one of the managers. The set-up with beautiful! All interviews were held in the boxes of the Browns stadium. I had a beautiful view of the Browns field distracting me from the stress of the interview. From there you went to a holding area, again more waiting, about an hour. There were close to 100+ people in this room waiting for your name to be called where you would then meet with an HR recruiter with either an offer or rejection. My particular circumstances resulted in an offer. I then went to the basement of the visitors locker room. I filled out paper work regarding health, vitals were taken, drug test, respirator fit test, titers drawn, eye examination, and PCE. Which again altogether took close to three hours. The downfall was the waiting, but who can complain.. most nursing interviews start with your initial recruiter interview and then a week of waiting until you get the manager interview then a week of waiting until you get the job offer. Then on your own time you have to complete all the pre-hire assessements. With this job fair, you showed up and you knew that day! Very well done Cleveland Clinic!
  2. I have recently graduated with my BSN just a couple weeks ago and have started the application/interview process. I'm interviewing at a very large renowned hospital for a position in the cardiovascular ICU. I recently have undergone the phone interview and completed the second interview with the nurse manager on the unit. In a couple weeks she has invited me to come back to shadow a nurse on the unit which is basically going to be similar to doing peer interviews, but without the title. I'm curious to know if shadowing is offered to everybody that gets this far in the interview process? Also, I can be shy in these types of situations, but I eventually warm up and my personality shines through, what are some recommendations to nail this shadowing experience and hopefully click with the other staff members on the unit? Any helpful hints would be wonderful!!