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    Agencies staffing potential Sparrow strike

    I feel very sorry that you are having difficulties finding a permanent job, hopefully once your year is up, you will go on to have a good career as an RN in a setting you will like. It is distressing, though, that you think that because Sparrow nurses have reasonably paying jobs and you don't that it is OK to undermine their struggle to get a fair contract out of Sparrow. How would you feel if you were on the other side of the fence? Sparrow is using this year's contract negotiations to drastically reduce the promised pensions of the nurses. These are people who have worked, ten, twenty or thirty years..... an often grueling job....12 hour shifts.....tons of responsibility....all the while believing that at the end of it all they would be able to retire with a sufficient pension. And then the rules are changed, and what was promised is taken away and the pension they were going to rely on is now much less. This is terribly unfair. And just because businesses everywhere have stopped providing pensions as a benefit to current workers, does not make it right to do this. It should be illegal. In addition, Sparrow has not adequately addressed patient/staff issues. This means that the nurses at Sparrow often work in harrowing conditions....where they do not feel that their patients are safe. So think about who you might want to support here. Sparrow Management - who are trying to break their promise to future retirees and are willing that their nurses work under horrendous pressure with unsafe staffing ratios, or the professional nurses that you would like to join one day..... who work their hearts out everyday for their patients, and deserve a secure rest at the end of it.