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  1. Hi there, I did my 3 month ONP starting November last year, finished on time and had all my paperwork in early. Paid my registration fee after being in the assessment queue for 2 months and now have my identity check next week. After which I think I will get my PIN in the mail after a week or so.... So it would have been 8 ish months since starting my ONP...
  2. lanieross

    Identity check waiting time..??

    Hey everyone, I am finally nearing the end of my NMC registration journey.. Started in January last year, completed 3 month ONP in February this year and just received a declaration of good health/character form which I have handed in and paid the fee.. Just wondering if anyone else has recently been through the process and their experience with the waiting time for the identity check and then getting their pin?
  3. You should keep going in - don't give up! If you are persistent they note it down on your file. I was ringing once or twice a week and going in fortnightly.
  4. Are you currently in the UK? If so going into the NMC London office between 10-1130am mon-fri usually shows them you are interested and not giving up.. I did, and got news a week later!
  5. lanieross

    NMC Test Online

    Hi nicujen, the ONP is the overseas nurses programme and it is no longer offered for new applicants - so the test of competence is the only option if you applied post October 2014. So unfortunately your only option would be the test!
  6. lanieross

    NMC Test Online

    As long as I'm directly supervised I can do pretty much everything, only limited when it comes to checking medications! Am just a third checker for now. Can't complain though :) How'd the test go?
  7. lanieross

    NMC Test Online

    - I am currently doing the ONP and my placement is in an NICU - my specialist area. And I know of a few others in NICU/ICUs for their ONPs. So it is possible! foxtrotunicorns - unfortunately once you have decided to go down the test route you are no longer allowed to do the ONP, even if you were given a decision letter for it!