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  1. MTtoCO

    Anyone applied for UC Denver 2011 June start??

    Start, me too! UGGHHHH, this has been one of the most prolonged, unnerving tortures I can think of. At least we will know one way or the other very soon, and we can start moving in a specific direction. I feel so strongly that this is what I am meant to be doing, but I (we) just need to focus on the right thing happening, because sometimes what we want to be the right thing for us just isn't. That can be hard to swallow. Praying for the right thing...and not a small envelope :redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe:redbeathe
  2. MTtoCO

    Anyone applied for UC Denver 2011 June start??

    Mid to late February is SO much better than April!!!! I have sent emails to the generic admissions email address and have heard no response. So that one gives me hope that I won't actually have to wait a full 3 more months! I have also decided to take a few more classes through a community college in case a get rejected so that I can apply elsewhere. But if I know by February I will know if I can even drop the classes or if it's worth my time afterall. Good news :) glad someone is giving me hope!
  3. MTtoCO

    Anyone applied for UC Denver 2011 June start??

    Ugh, really?! That drives me crazy that the webiste says you will be notified between the end of November and early December. I am praying that my essay was a standout because after reading the threads from last years applicants who were rejected, it seems like you may have a better chance getting into med school than their nursing program. Yikes! I would rather just get rejected now and have more time to make my next moves for other classes and schools than wait around for another 4 or 5 months and end up on a call list. Does anyone else feel like their whole life is in limbo just waiting to get accepted/rejected?!
  4. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to find out who out there has applied to UCD's accelerated program for the June '11 start date. I sent in my application at the beginning of October and have been so CRAZY nervous ever since!!!!!!!!!!!! I (am fortunate enough to) have a full time job south of Denver but I am really anxious to get back into school and start this process. The wait alone may literally kill me! I already am starting to plan out my plan b,c,d....list in case I am rejected from UCD, but the biggest issue for me is getting in all the required pre-reques by the application deadlines and keep my job. I also want to stay positive and hope for the best with this application too. Any advice from those of you who have been in this same position would be fantastic! Good luck to all those who are on pins and needles like me! :)