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  1. bnschief

    How to stand out

    Good luck and don't get discouraged. It's difficult sometimes to become a member of the "club" but when you do.....fun!
  2. bnschief

    How to stand out

    Most Program Directors want good well rounded critical thinkers. It is great to have all the letters behind your name, but can you put the walk the walk. Not only do they want that good ER or ICU nurse, but they want someone with OB, NICU/PICU experience too. Also, most programs do a tremendous amount of PR. Do you have the people skills to speak to yet another group of students, etc about what you do? Also, are you physically fit? Are you mentally capable of handling the flight stressors? Some nurses can't wait to fly, but when they get in the fixed or rotor wing and try to work, they just can't. Flight programs are the "shining stars" of most hospitals (assuming it's hospital based). Make yourself shine. Sometimes......you just have to know someone on the inside. I hope this helps.