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    College Student Looking for Career Advice...(RN vs EMT-P)

    Hi Guys, Sorry for the late reply, I had a busy week at school and all with Thanksgiving break next week... Thanks for all your thoughts and advice, I do appreciate it. It sounds like more or less the opinion is to (do what I like the most...) but to get the BSN, first. To be honest, (I did not mention this at first, as I did not want to bias your thoughts...And this is just based on my experiences for 40 hours in one ER and 1 12 hour ride along) my initial impression is that I like the hospital side of things more. However, I definitely will continue my ride along's and volunteering in the ER so I can get a more thorough opinion of both settings prior to making any decisions. Also, thanks for the ideas on flight medic/nurse...I will look into that as well... I will also keep in mind the job market side of things as well. I'm going to stick with the business degree, (see below) so minimum 2.5 years to I'd be able to enter nursing school, so I hope the economy improves by then:uhoh3:but that's a good point, and I will definitely keep that in mind. My name is a bit of a misnomer:) as I actually attend a major university in St. Louis, MO that has a good nursing program...With that being said... Do you guys have any opinions on "accelerated" BSN programs? I.e., a 12 month/3 semester program, that has two semesters of the standard prereq courses that one completes on their own, prior to entry...Good/bad/ugly? Maybe this is a separate thread in and of itself, but I've asked every RN I've come into contact with since my clinical's this summer, and about half have said "yes, do it!" and the other half "No, run away!" so I am curious as to your thoughts... Thanks again for your thoughts... Cheers, Purdue
  2. Hi All, I am a Sophomore Business Management major looking for some career advice... Based on a interest I have had for a number of years now, this past summer I took and successfully completed an EMT-B course at my local community college. For the clinical portion in my class, I got 40 hours in a level 1 trauma center, and absolutely LOVED it. My experience this summer has seriously got me to consider perusing the emergency medicine field after I complete my management degree. My question to you guys is that I am getting fairly caught up in choosing between the RN vs. Medic route...(Please do not let this turn into one of "those" threads, and for now, let's say med school is off the table, and for discussions sake, let's say that I am only interested in becoming a ER RN...) Is there any sort of niche market or advantage across the emergency medicine field for someone being both a RN and a EMT-P? Based on my very limited experience of 40 hours in a ER and 12 hours riding with the local metro FD, both are appealing to me, so I am curious if you guys can provide any potential insight into either profession. I do plan to continue riding with the FD and I have applied for a volunteer position in the local trauma centers to try and feel both sides out more, but I am wondering if you guys could add any advice to someone thinking about becoming a RN or a EMT-P... I appreciate your thoughts... Thanks, Purdue