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  1. Yormae

    Is TOEFL iBT required?

    I guess I would really have to do the English Exam. So it will not cause any delay as to my NCLEX application and to be sure also since Ohio BON requires TOEFL iBT. Thank you so much and Yes I will send the state BON an email.
  2. Yormae

    Is TOEFL iBT required?

    hi everyone, i'm new to this forum. i just want to know your opinion regarding the toefl ibt. i'm confused if do i need to go through with the that exam. i know the board of nursing in ohio requires the said exam for foreign educated nurses. they did not elaborate further that it is an exemption if the nursing education was taught in english. if anyone of you has gone through with ohio board of nursing. i would appreciate your replies and insights. by the way i am going through fiancee visa application right now. thank you.:)