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  1. called them today. busy.
  2. around october...did you call or e-mail them already?
  3. thanks for the reply. i will wait one more week then call ahpra if there's still none :)
  4. to those who already have their eligibility/pre-registration letter from AHPRA... what is the date on the letter and how many days until it arrived in your mail box? thanks!
  5. LadyMarmalade

    DOH launches RN HEALS

    how do i apply online? i can't find the link on the DOLE website
  6. thank you very much cioman for replying to all of my posts and for sharing your very comprehensive knowledge and wisdom on aussie nursing migration! where do you work? i want to apply there!
  7. thank you! is it hard to commute to rural areas? how much is a typical accommodation for a week in a rural area? in sydney it's around 150-200 a week right?
  8. regular operating hours resumed last january 4. i called them last jan4 and was able to speak to someone regarding my application status
  9. i found out in TV patrol and bandila that volunteer experience is not recognized abroad. is this true for australia? which of the two has a higher chance of getting hired in australia, a local grad with no experience or a foreign grad with volunteer/training experience?
  10. Nursing shortage - False! Nursing Shortage - False! / General Nursing / Nursing General / Forums / NurseCentral - NurseCentral i hope this is not true in NSW
  11. is this the future of aged care nursing in australia?
  12. what do you get when you call this number? busy or "thank you for calling..."? i suggest try dialing 1280061736664911 if you're using globe, it's cheaper
  13. from ETEA's e-mail I learned that their NSW branch will conduct the bridging not earlier than June 2011
  14. hello kokology, where in NSW do you plan to do your BP? me, mikyong, and i think bekimon too are NSW bound. but i dunno i'm still waiting for my letter. aside from College of Nursing and ETEA, do you know of any other schools in NSW that offer BP?
  15. let us help each other! :)