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    Johns Hopkins University BSN/MSN Fall 2011

    Hi folks. I have applied to the ED traditional BSN/MSN Nurse-Midwifery track. I am currently a PCV serving in Malawi Africa. I will have my interview soon with a faculty member, it's pretty nerve racking especially since I have unreliable phone service. I couldn't even set up the interview by phone; got cut off and had to do it by email. So the faculty will be calling soon. Thanks to everyone who posted information about the interview. It helps to think of it as a conversation, we are good at that, right! Good luck to everyone, I honestly feel more nervous after reading through this thread. JHU is the only school I'm applying to, putting all the eggs in one basket so to speak. But it's the perfect program for me, so let's just hope the universe agrees! Can't wait for the interview to be over, and then just the delightful waiting period. Just happy I've been able to get everything done from here. Small pleasures. Best of luck to all!