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  1. I am so screwed

    Another tip is when you are stuck on a question. Read the responses and think to yourself. If I can only do one of these things and then have to leave, which one would I do?
  2. Passed Nclex 2nd time! for gamers out there

    Also don't stress about the questions that are already answered! You can't take those back but you can make sure the next ones are answered correctly! When I got to questions that blew my mind I took a deep breath and drew a little doodle for a seco...
  3. 75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I think once you get to the point where you understand how to read the question and actually figure out specifically what they are asking then it makes a lot of questions appear easy. I have found that many of questions that I used to get wrong were ...
  4. 75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    The paper is probably holding it back an extra several days. did you do the pearson trick?
  5. Do I need TED hose/support hose for long shifts?

    Can anyone recommend which would be more appropriate, knee highs or thigh highs? Also any brands and how long are they capable of being worn without being too stretched out?
  6. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    Might I remind everyone to also send a follow up thank you letters for the interview rather it be through snail mail or email.. Also remember to bring your clinical references!!! Another note.. I hate to say it but don't be so picky when it comes to ...
  7. 75 Questions on NCLEX, pass or fail?

    I think that you have more of a chance to pass with 75 qs then fail. Considering they allow you more questions to prove your competency, therefore you really have to get a large amount wrong to not even be able to get those extra few questions to pro...
  8. select all that apply.

    my last was sata and I passed with 75 soo don't stress it.. can't take back what has already happened!
  9. Passed Nclex 2nd time! for gamers out there

    BTW all I did was the kaplan qs and for the qtrainers scored between 50 and 63%, on the qbanks I scored between 50 and 87.. it discouraged me but what I did to boost my self esteem up was to take a cpl of the q trainers over again.. Scored around 90%...
  10. I am so screwed

    Your scores were way higher than mine on the qtrainers.. my highest was 63!! and I passed with 75 qs!! soo you def have the mind to do it!
  11. Passed Nclex 2nd time! for gamers out there

    I applied before I graduated so they were hiring me as a graduate nurse. I was planning on using my temporary practice permit but when I saw the opportunity to take the nclex sooner I jumped on it. The sooner the better.. not only because you are fre...
  12. Any June NCLEX Test Takers Out There?

    I have to agree that Kaplan really prepared me to think "safely". Cause in all reality if we just learn lab values and don't know the signs and symptoms or what to do when they are high and low then what is the point. One of my instructors taught me ...
  13. Passed Nclex 2nd time! for gamers out there

    Mw3 is going to be great but we I will have to prioritize that into my time schedule also since I start my official RN nursing career next week You can't just pick up the controller and play and actually have a good time unless you learn the maps fi...
  14. Lots of SATA questions for June NCLEX testers???

    I had a good 8 SATA, 2 ordered and 0 math with 75 qs and the good pop up from the nclexrn i took this morning.
  15. Need help with Psychosocial Integrity please!

    NO why questions, NO questions that can be answered with yes/no, NO passing the buck. I always pick the one that recognizes the clients fear/concern and allows for further conversation. I recognized that you can never just answer a client's question,...