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  1. gmiranda1984

    Saddleback Fall 2014

    That is what i thought too. A friend of mine said she got a letter then an email about orientation when got in last yr. Thank you!
  2. gmiranda1984

    Saddleback Fall 2014

    A girl in my class told another girl in my class she got an email Tuesday night that she was accepted. I'm confused because I thought mid to late May is when we are notified. Still waiting anxiously. Has anyone else gotten an email or heard anything from other friends?
  3. gmiranda1984

    Cal State San Marcos, CSUSM, Accelerated, ABSN 2011

    i'm trying to apply for spring 2012. unfortunately, i'm taking my teas late, dec 3rd. cs-sm has all my grades in, so my question is how long did it take for you guys to get a response back of whether or not you were admitted into the program? i hope i have a chance to be admitted for the spring if i do well enough. congrats to you all who have been accepted:)