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  1. Clover Park technical College CPTT LPN waitlist

    Current wait list is beyond the year 2020
  2. Hello MA to LPN???

    Clover Park has an LPN Program though.......?
  3. Hello MA to LPN???

    Most Nursing programs that i've seen in Washington require you to have a CNA to begin their program, even folks who are already MA's needed to get the CNA.
  4. CNA Programs

    I used "Divine CNA" in Federal Way. They just opened a branch in Northgate as well. They have lots of options to fit your schedule, it takes about 3 weeks, and only costs $500. There is no entrance test required. It was a fun and fast place to get...
  5. Clover Park Technical College....anyone going???

    Hello everyone, First time poster here. I am looking at the Clover park program and i have a question. Is the program accredited? I can't seem to find that out on the website. If it is not, will it make it difficult to achieve a BSN or MSN? Thanks ...