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  1. lcs4cats

    Troubling nursing school dilemna. Help!!

    I know this doesnt seem like much help but Im going to pray that you find the right path. Stay strong.
  2. lcs4cats

    Anxiety Before Nursing Shool

    Has anyone had anxiety before beginning nursing school to the point they were unsure if they are making the right choice of going to nursing school in the first place? Any info is appreciated.
  3. lcs4cats

    Salary for new nurse in St. Louis

    Can anybody give me an idea of what a starting nurses salary might be coming out of school in the St Louis area? Any help is appreciated.
  4. lcs4cats

    Jewish Hospital College of Nursing

    Has anyone attended this school and if so,how did you like it. How does it rate against the other nursing schools in the St Louis area? Thanks

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