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  1. OhioLPN_2003

    University of Rio Grande

    I live in Lawrence County. It's at the very bottom of Ohio. I found 14606 a bit more challenging for me than 13606. But my professor was awesome and that helped the nervousness for me...lol. Good luck in 14606
  2. OhioLPN_2003

    University of Rio Grande

    tainted1972- Just wondering how your liking 13606? I can't wait to start clinicals in May. Hope classes are going good for you.
  3. OhioLPN_2003

    I passed boards to be an RN!!

    Congratulations!! :yelclap:
  4. OhioLPN_2003

    University of Rio Grande

    To 297you: I have already taken 13606 and 14606. For me 14606 seemed to be a little tougher than 13606. I had some personal issues and I had to withdrawal from the program. I had to file an exemption of policy to get back in to the program. I will be starting back with the summer semester. What part of Ohio do you live in. I am really excited to get back into it and finish this degree
  5. OhioLPN_2003

    University of Rio Grande

    Can someone give me information on how the clinicals go through Rio. I will be beginning clinicals in Summer 2011 starting with NUR 21404. Any information on this class and the following classes for the online LPN-RN bridge program would be greatly appreciated.