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  1. orthorn2009

    Floor nurses

    I work on an 18 bed med-surg/ tele floor. We normally have 1 RN and 2 LPNs on both shifts. So we each have 6 patients with no support staff or support staff that is only supporting their texting addiction. The level of acuity varies with each patient since we can rarely get someone moved to our small icu when we need to. It's normal for the RN to have blood hanging on more than two patients at a time. The RN is also responsible for signing off on the assessments done by the LPN, all the IV pushes and all the chart checks plus her or his own charting, medication pass and patient care. They say patient satisfaction scores need to come up but refuse to give us help to provide the quality of care patients want, need and deserve.
  2. orthorn2009

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    Sometimes the best nurses are the ones who have to repeat, is what my mentor told me. When u repeat it allows more to sink in that may not have the first time. I failed my very last med-surg class by 3 questions on a 200 question final. I was required to audit all previous classes before retaking that one. It was so hard to retake all those tests and listen to all those lectures again but I did and it was well worth it. I graduated, passed boards on my first try without any problems and I now enjoy the career I had always dreamed of. Nursing has to be in your heart and if it is then dont waste any more time. Go back, graduate, pass boards and start your career. Good luck